Original Joe’s: Gluten Aware Menu

Yesterday I was golfing with a friend and afterwards we decided to hit Original Joe’s in Marda LoOJ menu 225x300 Original Joes: Gluten Aware Menuop for a bite to eat after. We sat down and the server brought us menus. On the menu there was a note saying OJs has a dedicated gluten aware menu which made me excited so I asked our server to see it. At first glance,  the gluten aware menu  looked like they have a bunch of gluten free options. Upon closer inspection I noticed that half of the items were burgers and sandwiches but OJ’s doesn’t actually carry gluten free bread . The menu did say you can bring your own in, not ideal since I didn’t know, but good to know for next time.

The rest of the menu had items that are either gluten free, or tells you how to modify the dish which is very helpful. All of the starters with the exception of the hummus are made in the fryer that also cooks items with gluten so if you are extremely sensitive, stay away from these items.

I was waffling between the nachoes and salad but opted for the spinach salad with chicken….been having a bit too much wine lately so time to get back on the healthy wagon. My salad was really tasty and the server was great with gluten free knowledge, but the menu said the salad should come without cranberries and unfortunately the kitchen missed that. OJ salad1 300x225 Original Joes: Gluten Aware Menu

Original Joe’s, I appreciate that you will let us bring bread in, but would be awesome if you carried gluten free bread. Care Bakery makes amazing products and supplies restaurants, recommend giving them a call. Thanks for the extra effort in creating a gluten aware menu.

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  1. Cheryl January 31, 2014 at 7:28 am Reply

    The one in Airdrie actually now carries Gluten Free buns and bread as well, but I was sceptical on the sauces, dusting maybe on the sweet potatoe fries etc, as I am not that sensitive and it did bother me after I ate there….so I am going to be doing some research today!

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