Candela Lounge: Awesome Gluten Free Tapas

So two of my friends and myself hiked Ha Ling Peak in Canmore on Saturday and afterwards we decided to hit the town when we arrived back in Calgary. We decided to try Candela since it’s new and looked really cool though I was a bit hesitant to go because usually I have a really hard time finding gluten free tapas.

To my delight, our server had a cheat sheet that showed which items could be made gluten free and aboutCandela Caulifloewr1 300x225 Candela Lounge: Awesome Gluten Free Tapas 80% of the menu was either gluten free or could be modified. Well this made my night and so we decided to order a tuna/watermelon salad to start, followed by shrimp tacos and we ordered the cauliflower to up of vege intake, though to be honest I wasn’t overly excited by the sound of the cauliflower.

Firstly our watermelon salad came out and it was extremely fresh which was nice but too be honest this was my least favorite dish, that said it was still good. Next come the shrimp tacos which were sooooo delish and of course gluten free. The tacos were actually pretty substantial and I was very imprShrimp Tacos2 300x225 Candela Lounge: Awesome Gluten Free Tapasessed. Lastly the cauliflower came out and it was in a brown sauce which usually means that its loaded with gluten. I double checked with our server and he was confident that the sauce was indeed gluten free and boy was I surprised, wow what a good dish. The sauce was sweet but also had a savory flavor which reminded of fall because of the nutmeg in it. This is one of the best vegetable dishes that I have ever had.


After the first few dishes we were still hungry so we decided to try the chicken tacos as well as the swordfish. The chicken tacos were interesting because it was a curry chicken, tasty but not as good at the shrimp and too be honest skip the swordfish, that was boring.

Overall the crowd was good and Candela was packed. The staff was super busy so it took a while to getGirls night at Candela 300x245 Candela Lounge: Awesome Gluten Free Tapas drinks but we were just grateful we were able to get seats at the bar because the resto was packed. Overall a great place to go for gluten free appe’s.  Here’s a pic of post hike girls night.

biglink Candela Lounge: Awesome Gluten Free Tapas

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