Tasty Tango Bistro: Great for Ladies Night Out!

This weekend was my girlfriend’s birthday and one of the girl’s recommended Tango Bistro. She said they have a great gluten free menu and thought it would be the perfect place for the three of us to go.

We arrived and right away my instinct was to peruse the menu to see what I can eat, especially since the menu is tapas and is meant to be shared. I was really impressed because the menu was labelled with what is gluten free and what can be made gluten free. There are 13 items on the menu which were gluten free and included a wide variety of protein, vegetables and salad.

We decided to order the scallops, surf and turf, avocado and pear salad, grilled vegetables, wild boar bacon wrapped tenderloin and the cheese board with gluten free potato crackers. The scallops came out first and were ah-mazing. The scallops were served on a bed of wild mushrooms and a parsnip nutmeg puree. Not only were the scallops cooked to perfection, but so were the mushrooms and I couldn’t get enough of the sauce.Tango Wild Boar 300x212 Tasty Tango Bistro: Great for Ladies Night Out!

My two other favorite dishes were the wild boar tenderloin and the avocado and pear salad. The boar stood out because it was simple yet delicious. The bacon was the perfect compliment to the boar and I honestly could have eaten about 3 of these dishes. The salad was so fresh but also had a sweet component with peaches which I am still craving.

The one dish that I found average was the surf and turf that included three pieces of steak topped with crab, lobster and prawn on top. All of us found this dish to be slightly overcooked and somewhat bland.

We decided to have dessert and the only gluten free option was Fiasco Gelato. Although I am not a huge ice cream fan, this was a light was to end the meal.

Overall I was very impressed by the food. Service was prompt and our server was very happy to accommodate our gluten free needs. The only negative was the plates on our table were dirty, aside from that we had a wonderful experience.

Since this restaurant is tapas, I am inclined to recommend Tango for ladies because I feel as though men prefer a large meal such as steak and potatoes. The food was filling but remember you need to order about two dishes per person.

For your next gluten free girl’s night out, check out Tango Bistro www.tangobistro.com

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