Anejo: Better Experience the Second Time

The first time I tried to go to Anejo was when the restaurant first opened. We tried to make reso’s and were told the restaurant didn’t accept so thought we would take a chance and just show up. There was 3 of us girls and we were told it was going to be a 3 hour wait. So instead we decided to go to Candela and would come back to Anejo for drinks.

After Candela (which you can read about on my blog roll), we went back to Anejo and it was almost 10 pm. Upon returning, the host asked us if we were eating because if not couldn’t seat us. This really bothered me because there were free tables in the lounge. Finally the host broke down and let us in. After that experience I didn’t go back for almost a year.

Last week I decided it was a good week to go back in and give Anejo another try. Well for starters I was able to get a reservation which was nice. Secondly I was pleasantly surprised to see that the menu had been updated to include gluten free/dairy free and vegan options.

Anejo tacos 150x150 Anejo: Better Experience the Second Timeanejo food 150x150 Anejo: Better Experience the Second Time

I started with a mango margarita which was delish. Then we ordered the guacamole which is made table side. I would agree with other reviews that the guac could use some more seasoning, but the table side preparation was a neat experience. Be prepared to pay $14 before ordering the guacamole.

In true Mexican fashion, corn tortillas are available which made me a happy camper cuz tacos are my favorite!!! I decided to order the chicken tacos and thought they were tasty, not as good as being in Mexico, but takes care of the craving until my next trip south of the border. One tip, the tacos come with 3 sauces, the hot is very hot.

Overall, Anejo has definately improved service and would like to go back and try a different main dish before I can really rate the restaurant as a whole.

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