Vero Modern Bistro: Very Delicious Gluten Free

Just before Christmas , I went to Vero Modern Bistro with friends to celebrate the holidays. Vero is a Vegetarian Spring Rolls 300x225 Vero Modern Bistro: Very Delicious Gluten Freesmall restaurant located on 10th street in Kensignton and is dark, intimate and warm inside. With only 10 tables, the restaurant is always full, and, for good reason. Chef Jenny does an amazing job, the food was delicious.

We started sharing two appetizers, the first being a gluten free vegetable spring roll which took me back to my childhood days. This was because I used to love egg rolls and the spring roll is wrapped in organic bean curd paper similar to egg rolls. To be honest, this isn’t your average spring roll, it’s much bigger but was delicious. My friends ordered the stuffed¬†olives but I couldn’t eat them because they have gluten. That said, apparently they weren’t that good.

Our main courses were ah-mazing. I ate the sea bass served over risotto. The first was cooked perfectlyVero Seabass 225x300 Vero Modern Bistro: Very Delicious Gluten Free and was fresh, light and flakey. The risotto was creamy, citrusy and I ate it in about three bites because it was so good. My friends ordered the lamb and said it was amazing as well.

What I really loved was that the menu showed which options were gluten free and made my decision incredibly easy. The service was excellent and the food amazing. I didn’t recognize many bottles of wine on the list but the ones were ordered were both pretty good.

Next time you are looking for a date restaurant or want an intimate restaurant, give Vero a try.

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